Our advantage
A, shengbaolu lubricating oil characteristics:
Province: save fuel, Germany shengbaolu Oil Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. developed "nano ceramic anti-wear components". It can make the engine under high and low temperature to reduce friction. So that the fuel can be fully burned, so that the engine output power reaches the maximum value. Traveling 15000 kilometers to 320 horsepower Steyr heavy-duty trucks per month, a year shengbaolu oil can be for you to save fuel costs 1 - 1.5 million yuan.
Strong: horsepower enhanced, stable oil pressure plus the "nano ceramic wear-resistant components" of the super lubrication to make your engine more than ordinary engine oil engine power upgrade 10%
Stable: oil pressure stable, 17000 kilometers of diesel engine oil pressure remains in 3 - 4 pressure (shengbaolu lubricating oil series products in the premium base oil containing high oil viscosity index improver, improve the oil viscosity, so as to ensure the stability of oil pressure).
Net: new engine detergency, shengbaolu oil "nano ceramic anti-wear group" formation of 1 micron oil film effectively isolated engine produced product carbon and sludge, coupled with the unique detergent dispersant, such as the new Hello engine detergency.
Long: long Huanyouzhouqi, shengbaolu oil completely break the general oil oil change period, shengbaolu oil run 20000 kilometers acidity increase value was less than 2.0, American Society of automotive engineers on oil change index of the specified pH is greater than 2.0 should change the oil.
Two, a full range of market support
1, the strong support of CCTV advertising
2012 shengbaolu oil to join the China Central Television (CCTV) dropped the CCTV advertising blockbuster, shengbaolu believe for 10 million people National ratings of advertising media will make friends car owners to better understand shengbaolu oil.
2, we provide you with the product's trademark and the use of CI system.
3, we provide you with the store design and the national unified free door design.
4, we provide you with a full range of technical support.
(1) pre sales: knowledge training, market research, customer group positioning and regional network layout.
(2) sale: answers to technical problems, lube sales promotion activities to develop, ordering and promotion of promotion and a variety of media, local advertising and door advertising support.
(3) after sales: using guidance, terminal customers pay a return visit, the new market development plan, we provide training support (employee training and training to dealers) help you in the local with the best way to occupy the market.
5, we provide you with exclusive agent distribution rights, to ensure that your business autonomy.
6, Cuanhuo: the company has a strict restriction and punishment method to prevent Cuanhuo, ensure market stability.
Three, zero risk protection
1, quality assurance
The strict quality standard is the fundamental Germany shengbaolu oil based on the China. Excellent base oil and special additives, with the world's advanced lubricating oil research and technology is high-quality shengbaolu oil based. Shengbaolu lubricating oil were after ACEA European quality grade standard and API American Petroleum Institute, and the authority of the state sector testing and certification.
2, delivery rate protection
After your first purchase, our company will send professional sales engineers to help you for early market development to ensure that help you sales volume of the first batch of stock more than 65%, this is our commitment, but also our responsibility. After you re purchase, the company will send sales engineers to help you re development of the sales network.
Choosing the lubricating oil industry is a sunrise industry!
Joined shengbaolu oil is joining a gold brand!
Shengbaolu oil trusted!

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