Shengbaolu oil chemical (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. to "German quality, global sharing" marketing idea for the enterprise, enterprises and institutions as the globalization of new integrated energy and chemical company has embarked on a international stage, and work closely with customers among in the international competition, actively to create a bright future for human beings to do a contribution.
Shengbaolu is well-known brand lubricants Germany shengbaolu oil chemical corp.. Currently in China, the production of internal combustion engine oil, motorcycle oil and industrial oil with nano ceramic anti-wear group divided into additive and imported base oil refining, in strict accordance with the German production technology and formulation technology of production, quality assurance of stability, the quality of the products completely accord with the quality grade standard for European ACEA.
Germany shengbaolu Oil Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. in 2005 August 20 and shengbaolu oil chemical (Tianjin) limited liability company officially signed a cooperation agreement, Germany shengbaolu Oil Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. authorized shengbaolu oil chemical (Tianjin) Co., Ltd in mainland China division, responsible for mainland China Petroleum and chemical products manufacturing and marketing efforts.
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